Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10

Since I couldn't take them apple/pumpkin picking, I figured we would go to the beach for a little bit. Dylynn of course got wet up to her thighs. I also thought maybe we could tire the dog out. The beach didn't work, but she had a playdate with my neighbors dog after that. Now she is asleep.

October 9

Caught red handed! Not that she is chewing up stuff or anything, but that is the stuffing from a comforter hanging out of her mouth.

October 8

The gnomes on my counter must have a pet. I am sure these are wine stains, but why are they in the shape of a paw print???

October 7

Our own personal greeter. This is the face you see when you come to my house. She has to look out the window when she hears something outside. She has figured out how to get on the ottoman and peek - and make sure the blinds are out of her way. She sits there when we leave for school too. She doesn't bark though, she is just nosy!!

October 4

Did I ask for help loading the dish washer??? No, but that doesn't mean I won't get it. Of course not from the two legged kids - heaven forbid they take a dish off the table, let alone rinse it and put it in the dishwasher!! Pepper will help me though, weather I need it or not!!

October 3

OMG!!! She has mule ears. When she stands her ears up they are so big. It is really funny. Hubby says they look like Dingo ears. I wish I had gotten to see the mom. I am really not so sure what she could be mixed with. What the heck kind of "Hound" had mule ears???

I guess she will grow into her ears when she grows into her feet!!

September 30

We got the dog a Halloween costume. I had to wait until she was asleep on her bear to get it on her. The first day she was having no part of it. I don't know that we will actually get the whole thing on her, but it should be funny.